Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Story – Teenage Life – Grandma Anna

Written Wednesday March 19, 2008

Tell about your teenage social life.  Your friends, dances, movies, dating, etc.

“When I was younger and a teenager, my friends were my sisters.  I was from a very poor family and the town was very clickish then so I wasn’t invited or asked to dances or parties.
“But I did really enjoy my sisters.  When we could save enough money, we would go.  We still enjoy each other. 
“I wouldn’t trade places with any of my school mates.  There aren’t many that remained active in the church.  Although I wasn’t active in my teen years. 
“After I met Bill, we dated for 3 years before we married.  He wasn’t a member then, but after we were married about six years, the missionaries came and converted both of us.  He is such a stalwart in the church and I’m so grateful for him that I am glad I never dated anyone in my teens.
“I was 22 when 23 got married and he had always treated me like a queen, and he loved my mother as if she were his own mother.”

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