Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Story – School – Grandma Anna

Written Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tell where you went to school.  List any teachers, subjects, and friends you can remember.

“I attended school in St John.  Although I would liked to have gone to college, my family couldn't afford it and there were jobs available, except for babysitting, at 10¢ per day from 8 in the morning until sometimes 11 at night.
"I did work one summer for Grandma Whiting for a 5 gallon can of honey which my mom could severely use. 
"I remember Mrs. Natalia Greer (everything), Mrs. Beatrice Waters (everything), Mrs. Fern Farr (reading), Mr. Jarvis (almost everything), Mr. Ray Davis (Principal), Mrs. Merle Shumway (music), and Mr. Isaacson (music).  
"In High School the teachers I remember were Mr. Brawley (math), Mr. L.P. Harwood (algebra), Mr. Ray Davis (again Principal), Mrs. Thurber (home ec.), Mrs. Letty Patterson (English and music), Mrs. Fay P. Choine,  Mrs. Langford (English), Mr. Alvin Overson, Mr Zeek Raff, Mrs Udall (shorthand).
Mrs Merle Shumway
"I didn't have many friends, mostly my sisters.  Roberta Connolly, Barbara Waite, Peggy Heap, Aileen Waite Cowley, Mary Ann Chavez.

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