Friday, November 15, 2013

LIfe Story -- Mother's Traits -- Grandma Anna

Written March 14, 2008

What are your mother's best traits? Her worst? The ones you share?

"My mother had numerous best traits.
1- She was so gentle and kind to all her 16 children and everyone else and very gracious.
2- She was a good cook.
3- She was a wonderful seamstress.  Making beautiful things from almost nothing.
4- She was a beautiful lady.
5- She had a beautiful voice.
6- She could paint like a pro, but had little time for it.
7- She could make jams and jellies and all kinds of good things from the garden and never wasted a thing.
She had no worsts in my estimation.  I wish I could share all or 1/2 of those things but sorry I can't.  And only one of her daughters was as kind as she was.  That was my sister, Sibyl."

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