Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life Story – Handed-Down Talents – Grandma Anna

Written Thursday March 20, 2008

Tell about handed-down talents.  Food, clothespin dolls, willow whistles, pottery, quilting, whittling, meat drying, etc.

“Making clothes out of peoples hand-me-downs.  With coats you turn the material wrong side out and it makes a new looking coat for a younger person.  My mother was an excellent cook and seamstress.  I leaned a lot from her.  The closest thing to pottery is ceramics and I have done a lot of that for gifts.  Bill and I made some Beef Jerky once for the twins scout project. Their mom was sick so we helped them.  It was good but we have never done it again.   That he won’t wear anymore. 
“I’ve made quilts for all of my grand-children and a few big quilts.
“I plan to make all of my granddaughters a denim skirt with Bill’s faded Levis.
“I’ve made several Rag Dolls for the Grandkids and doll clothes for my daughter.  When she was young, I made all her clothes and coats, etc.  And jackets, shirts, and pants for the two boys.
“I made Jim a new coat and he wore it to Primary.  Some boys took it and we never saw it again.
“I love my family.  I love the gospel, and Heavenly Father, and our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

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