Monday, April 8, 2013

Life Story - School - Grandma Anna

Written Wednesday February 13, 2008

How did you feel about school?

I started the 1st grade when I was 4 years old.  We didn't have kindergarten.  The first grade teacher came by our house to see how old I was.  She said if I could count 2+2, 4+4. 8+8, and 10+10  I could go to school.  I put my hands behind my back and added them with my fingers and she said I could go.  It took me a few years to catchy up with the older children and there were somethings I never did catch up with them.  But I studied as hard as I could because by the time I was in High School I wanted to be on the honor roll.  Sometimes I made the A Honor Roll and sometimes the B Honor Roll.  And sometimes none.  I would like to have gone to college but there were no jobs and we could not afford it.  But just 2 weeks after Graduation, when I was 16, I visited my family in Tuscon and learned that I had Tuberculosis.  I was put in the St. Mary's Sanitarium for quite a while.  Then I finally came  home and rested until I was well.

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