Saturday, March 30, 2013

Life Story - Love of Music - Grandma Anna

Written Sat February 9th, 2008

What kind of music do you like?  Any memories associated with music?

"I like soft soothing music.  Piano -  violin - guitar played softly.  I detest rock music.  I love church hymns and the Tabernacle Choir and the Missionary Training Center Choir.  The Church Hymn books and Primary Song books have beautiful music. 

When Bill and I were dating he was a cowboy and rode Saddle Broncos and Bulls in rodeos.  A
t that time my favorite song was "Tennessee Waltz".  I didn't care for some of the works, but the music was and still is very beautiful. 
Many years ago I remember my mother and her aunt were asked to sing a duet at the Pioneer Day Programs.  My mother made a beautiful pioneer dress and I remember she looked so beautiful.  We didn't get to go, but they practiced before they left.  They sang "Moonlight on the River Colorado".  It was and still is beautiful. 
If a person is depressed or lonely or sic, music brings much comfort."

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