Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grandma Anna's Life Story

Here is what I was asked to say at Grandma Anna's funeral.  My Great-Aunt Kay called and asked me the night before.  I used what things I could remember, and things I asked Bompa and others about.

"Grandma Anna was born Anna Louise McCray on 26th of October, 1928 to Dexter and Euphemia.  She was the 8th of 16 children.  She was very bright.  At the age of 4 she was allowed to start the first grade, for she was already reading.  She excelled in school.  She participated in Pep Squad, Girls Glee Club, Dramatics Club, and a Capella Choir.  She graduated in 1946.
She met "Bompa" at a dance in Sanders, where he vowed, "I'm gonna marry that girl."  They courted for 3 years and were married 28 of October 1950.  They lived in Adamana for maybe 2 years, until Bompa was drafted into the army.  Grandma went home with Linda, then on to Tuscon, where she did office work.  She came home after bompa was released from the army.  Bompa was hired at a ranch, but Grandma stayed because she was carrying my dad.  She moved down to the Ranch and they stayed there for 2 to 3 years.
Their house burned down when they lived at Crater Ranch.  They lost everything, but not their hope and gumption.
She started working for Apache County for 12 years prior to being elected as County Assessor for 20 years.  During that time she learned how to speak Navajo, so she could converse with those living on the reservation.
She is known for her church service as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Grandma has served int he Primary, Young Women's Association, and Relief Society, as well as the Ward Chorister.  She served for 18 years in the Concho Branch with her sweetheart, Bompa.
I remember making Prayer Rocks with her.  She taught me how to bottle fruit, make jam, and tried to teach me how to make rolls.
Grandma is patriot.  She road in many parades.
Grandma loved family history.  She would tell us stories about family members and make them feel more real to us.
Grandma is musical.  She sang in the ward choir and played the piano beautifully.
Grandma is crafty.  She taught us grand kids how to quilt, crochet, do bead work, draw and paint, do cross stitch, needle point, and ceramics.
Grandma lived by and taught the motto "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without."
Grandma is survived by her sweet heart Bill, her daughter Linda.  Siblings Terry, Phillip, Colleen, Correnne, Kay, and Kathy.  Her Grandchildren Suzanne, Mandy, Kris, Lori, Garrick, Brandon, Trisha, Brian, Jason, Marcus, Michael.  Great-Grandchildren Elyse, Julia, Ari, Jayden, Katia, Delta, Emma, Michael, Kandace, Hailey, Shelby, Megan, Savannah, Ethan, Dustin, Meranda, Makenzie, Marlee, Brooke, Clay, Corbin, Cagern, Paxtyon, Kimber, Harper, Cheyenne, Kurtis, Johnathan, Annastatia, Kortnie, Graham, Liana, Emmit, Kaitlyn.  And her Great-Great-Granddaughter Addison."

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