Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life Story - Embarrassing - Grandma Anna

Back in the days when all women wore a girdle (fat or thin0 it was the fashion. I was in the Southwest Indian Mission with LaRue Waite, Aunt Elda Brown, and Jessie Mangum and Ruth Goodman.  We met every Saturday and Sunday with different branches on the reservation.  some with the Hopi Indians and some with the Navajo Indians.  On one visit we got to the building early and visited with the mission Presidency and their wives.  About the time for church to start I realized I needed to go to the ladies room so I hurried out.  The opening song was being sung and we were on the front row so down the isle I went and when I sat down the seas was cold and I realized my dress was inside my girdle and I had walked down the isle having everyone laughing.  I just think they all had compassion for me but it was still very embarrassing.  Very embarrassing.

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