Friday, March 29, 2013

Life Story - Siblings - Grandma Anna

Written Friday, February 8th, 2008

Do you wish you had more sisters and brothers?

"No! I think 16 children was enough for one family.  We have a McCray family reunion every year on the 1st weekend in August in the mountains and most of the time they can't all come but those that do have a good time.  Bill and I would take Mike and Marc with us until they were out of high school and went away to college then on their missions.  Then we took Kurtis (Trisha's oldest son) one year and last year we took both Kurtis and Jon.  Now we have Kurtis ask almost every time I see him, when is the reunion.  We've had some good times and some not so good times.  But those will pass.  The same thing happened when we were growing up.  Some good, some bad.  The bad turned into my having compassion and love for the needy and affected.  So it was not all bad.  My only regret is that my mo9ther was brought up in a very religious family, we were not.  But how could she have had the time or energy to have gotten us all ready for church or prayer or scripture study or anything else.  She was a wonderful mother and I know the Lord and Heavenly Father loves her very much for bringing 16 spirits into this world.  I love the gospel - I love my family.  I love our reunions and our get -togethers."

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