Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life Story - Old wive's Tales - Grandma Anna

Written Friday January 25, 2008

Tell about an old wives tale your mother told you.

"When I child is choking never pat them on the back, it will just lodge whatever they are choking on.  But our daughter,  Linda, was going to school in Tempe, Az.  She went during the week and came home Friday evening and went back Sunday evening.  She was learning to be a Dr's assistant and each time she came home she told me what she had learned.  She learned that when a child was choking you grab them by the feet and whirl them around as fast as you can for 3 times then put them on your knee and slap them on their back and the lodged piece will come out.  Mike was chocking.  He couldn't cry but was turning blue so I picked him up by his feet whirled him around 3 times, sat him on my knee and slapped him on his back and he started crying.  The bodged clock leg he had swallowed hit the wall.  I was grateful that Linda had just told me that."

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