Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life story--Marriage--Grandma Anna

Written Monday, May 19, 2008.

What were your expectations and anticipations about getting married?

"I really didn't have any expectations or anticipations.  Bill and I went together for about 3 years before we married.  He worked on ranches and was out of town most of the three years. 
"He wasn't a member of the church and I wasn't active at all. After the missionaries came I developed a lot of expectations.  Attend church and all meetings when we could, because we were still on the ranch and even though gas was cheap, 5 gallons for a dollar, we made such a little amount of money. 
"But we had a house furnished for us until we bought one in town and left the ranch.  Bill worked at a service station for Carrol Shumway and I did sewing and cleaning for people.  I never dreamed Bill would become the Public Works Director for the city of St. Johns nor I become the County Assessor. 
"After that we did much better.  We kept Linda's twins on missions and helped her and Jim until he passed away August 10, 2007.
"I really miss him.  Strange we had 3 children.  Now we have one.  We are grateful for her, as well as the two boys that have passed away."

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