Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Story -- Your Yard -- Grandma Anna

Written Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Describe your yard.  Do you help with yard work?  What memories do you have in your yard?  Draw a diagram.

At the present time, my yard is nothing but weeds and dirt.  The silt or dirt from irrigation has filled the yard so it is higher than the side walks.  We have tried to get some one with a backhoe to dig it out but they are so busy they haven't been able to.  We used to have a beautiful lawn all around and glowers of all kinds and also many beautiful rose bushes:  Red, Pink, yellow with pink edges, Purple and white, and Orange.  When we had a bad freeze below 0 for over 2 weeks, the flowers froze and so did the pretty rose bushes.  But just grafted roses died and the old red roses still bloom.  They are pretty but not like the hydrangeas.  I love to work in the yard and garden when I came home from work.  We do still have peonies.  They aren't quite as big and pretty as they used to be but we enjoy anything that will grow now.

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