Friday, November 28, 2014

Life Story--I Hope They Call Me on a Mission--Grandma Anna

Written Friday, May 2, 2008

Did you want to go on a mission?  If so, where did you want to go?


"I wanted  to go to Nauvoo or Martin's Cove, or wherever they wanted us to go.  We were assigned to the Concho Branch and have been there 13 years and 1 month.  President Kerger said that if we would stay for 14 years we would be caught up with Ammon.  So we have 11 months to go.  
"I was their Sacrament Meeting Chorister & Relief Society Chorister, taught the Gospel Principles call, and the 4th Sunday class in Relief Society.  I am now the Relief Society Chorister, the 3rd Sunday Relief Society teacher, and the Music Chairman.  I have taught the Gospel Principles class for 12 and 1/2 years. 
"I have told the High Council members and the Stake Presidency I wanted to go on a mission, and their response was, "Where do yo think you have been for the last 13 years?"  So I guess that's where the Lord wants us to be.
"We have had President Ashcroft, President Harding, President Averett, and now President Keeger, and his 5 years are almost up.  So we have had 4 different Branch Presidents.  President passed away while I was in the hospital with heart surgery, so he didn't complete his term.  But they  have all been great men."

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